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Ian's words of wisdom


As one door closes, another opens. Let’s hope this applies to the New Financial Year and brings a close to the Global Financial Crisis and sees everything return to normal. I am so over the GFC and everything that has been blamed on it. We really have to start to get on with things and move forward in a positive direction.

All the uncertainty about the GFC, and the Federal Government guarantee of Mortgage Backed Securities has lead to a greater share of mortgage business going to the Big 4 Banks, being Commonwealth (which now includes BankWest), Westpac (which now includes St George and RAMS), NAB (which includes Homeside) and ANZ. This has greatly reduced the competition in the marketplace and is enabling them to dictate to you as the customer. To break this pattern we have to get business away from the Big 4 or we will all suffer the consequences. So call Jeff to review your Mortgage and find out what alternatives are available to you.

Is the Reserve Bank scared of the Big 4? Is this the real reason why we didn’t get a decrease in July of the expected 0.25% because the RBA thought it wasn’t a big enough drop for them to pass onto the consumer?

Are you in business? Do you need to update any equipment, cars, machinery, etc. The Federal Government incentives still apply to the end of December 2009. Certain criteria needs to be met to qualify for incentives between 30 – 50%.

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Facebook and other social networking platforms are becoming great business promotion tools to attract potential customers, and most importantly, retain existing ones. It is essential to interact with your customers in the format that they like.

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With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to get those house projects underway. FFS wants to help you improve the appearance & value of your home! It’s as easy as that!

Guess which Staff Member is pictured below and go into the draw to win a $500 Bunning’s Voucher.

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Guitar playing staff member. WHO is it?




RACQ is warning motorists that running a car on ethanol-blended petrol to save money at the bowser is likely to be false economy.

E10’s maximum three cents a litre price advantage over regular unleaded petrol (ULP) is not enough to compensate for higher fuel consumption from the ethanol blend.

E10 is increasingly ‘headlined’ on service station price boards because of its slightly lower pump price. However, with RACQ’s own field testing confirming other independent research that indicates around three percent higher fuel consumption when using E10, a minimum discount of four cents a litre would be needed at current price levels to make use of the ethanol blend more economical than regular ULP.

RACQ advises motorists who want to get the best value from the fuel they buy to check closely the relative pricing of regular ULP and E10.

They should also ensure their motor vehicle is compatible with 10 percent ethanol blend petrol. While E10 is safe to use in most recent-model cars, the most reliable independent research indicates it should not be used in some 30 percent of the current petrol-engine fleet.

To check if your vehicle is E10 compatible, contact your car’s manufacturer or importer or go to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries website.

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Are you interested in having your Company Profiled in our next Newsletter?

Call Kelly 07 5576 6299 to discuss your Company details and let’s promote “our” Business Networking Relationship. All Companies put forward will be put into a draw and one lucky winner will be featured in our next Edition. Good Luck.

open book Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they do not quit.
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