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Welcome to Marketing Emails

One of the best ways businesses can stay in contact with their customers and clients is through the use of Marketing Emails or electronic newsletters. There are a number of reasons for this. The obvious one is the reduced cost over traditional marketing due to the process being online and largely automated. However there are also a lot of things an online newsletter can do to engage your customers that a traditional newsletter cannot. Read on below for more.

MarketingEmails.com.au provides a simple web-based system to help you send and manage your Marketing Emails. We offer simple plans designed specifically for Small to Medium enterprises.

Benefits of Marketing Emails

Here are some of the benefits of sending Marketing Emails. Visit our Why Send Marketing Emails page for more.

For these and other reasons, Email Marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing today.

If you are looking to better engage your clients by getting started with Marketing Emails, please contact us today.

Some Key Features of the Marketing Emails System

Automatic Inbox Preview

You’ll never have to worry about display issues again, you can check to see what the email looks like in a variety of email clients.

Full Email Reporting

This feature tracks every email and stores detailed reports on their functionality.


The Marketing Emails software lets you seamlessly integrate your emails into your website.

Simple Fixed Charges

We have no lock in contracts and no "per-subscriber" or "per-email sent" charges - just 3 simple plans based on the total emails allowed per month.

Visit the features page for a more exhaustive list of Marketing Emails features.